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Email Encryption to Protect all Valuable & Confidential Messages

Email Archiving

Have important emails containing sensitive information encrypted without the need for installing or configuring complex software or hardware. You can centralize all your encryption policies to manage and be enforced at the gateway. This allows your users to simply press send.

  • Implement filters that automatically encrypt identified outbound emails
  • Setup triggers to allow users to enable encryption such as subject line tags
  • Comply with data privacy and retention regulations
  • Receipients must use Secure Mail to read and respond to encrypted emails
  • Integrated with Proofpoint to give the highest and most trusted security
  • Email encryption for both the original messages and replies

Policy Enforcement

Enforce encryption policies at the gateway. This ensures that end users are not involved and that encryption policies are adhered to. Policies can be triggered by structure, keyword or regular expression content matches, domain, sender, recipient and more.

Key and Certificate Management

Each message generates its own key so you can easily revoke access to individual messages. You don't have to manage and track the keys as Spambrella handles all key management functions using our next-generation infrastructure.

Mobile Workforce

Allow your users to be free of complex tools and software. They can send and receive encrypted emails from any email client. Mail Spambrella Email Encryption is scalable, reliable and trusted; always employing the most secure encryption technologies.

Data Loss Prevention

All it takes is one wrong email by a user to lose sensitive company data. By employing our Encryption and Data Loss solutions you can ensure that years of product research, valuable intellectual property and account data wont be inadvertently released. Maintaining compliance with regulations requiring encryption and storage of sensitive data has never been easier.

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