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Spambrella Email Protection and Security


The all-in-one advanced Email Security Service that can protect your business and productivity is Spambrella.
Small to medium sized businesses get hit by advanced attacks on a daily bases. With Spambrella, you will be secured against Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Spam and more. You will also have complete uptime of you mail with built in failover, encryption, spooling and instant resend. With nothing to install, due to the service all provided from the cloud, you can be up and protected within minutes.


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Features Overivew

Anti-Spam Filter

Email Protection is only as good as its effectivness against spam. With our Proofpoint MLX technology correctly identifying over 99.8% of spam messages correctly, you are in great hands.
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Attachment Defence

Using dynamic sandbox technology, including intelligence gathered from analysing the email of many of the largest companies in the world, Malware is stopped before it reaches you.
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Anti-Phishing Protection

Each Email is scanned for embedded URL's and evaluated using a variety of sophisticated techniques to determine the likelihood that they lead back to phishing or malware websites.
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CEO Fraud and Anti-Spoof

Business email Spoofing or CEO fraud is the fastest growing threat in modern email exploitation. Emails suspected of being an imposter threat are instantly quarantined, needing approval for release.
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Email Encryption

With Forced Policy Encryption By Domain, Sender, Recipient or Content, Spambrella can prevent confidential information or intellectual property from being intercepted.
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Email Archiving and Search

Email archiving with easy storage, retrieval and email monitoring will help you manage and secure data in order to stay compliant, forgo storage limitations, and reduce storage and management costs.
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Instant Replay/Resend

Easily Resend an email that was accidently deleted or failed to deliver due to a bounce or expiry.

Email Failover and Spooling

With any mail server downtime or network failure, our Email Continuity Service will catch all mail to pass on when you mail server is back online. Users can read all caught mail via our Emergency Inbox.
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GSuite, Office365 and Exchange Integration

Increase the security and strength of your mail provider with the benefits of Anti-Phishing, Graymail, Email Continuity, CEO Fraud Detection, Failover and more. Integration is easy and painless.
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Easy and Complete Control

Our comprehensive Control Panel gives you complete control. To Fine tune all your filters and features to be exactly how you need and want them. You can even add your own branding to the Panel.
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Plan Features

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Unlimited Domains on all Plans
Signature-based Anti Virus
Spam Filtering
Content Filtering
Outbound Filtering
Zero Hour Threat Detection
URL Defence
Attachment Defence
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Email Encryption
Social Media Account Protection
Emergency Inbox30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Emergency Spooling30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Instant Replay/Resend30 Days30 Days30 Days
Tamper-Proof and Offsite Archiving
Archive Search and eDiscovery
Unlimited Archive Storage10 Years
Free AnycastDNS Available
Unlimited Domains
Multi-level Logins
Domain Management
Email Logs
Active Directory Sync
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Spambrella Control Panel

Our comprehensive Control Panel gives you complete control to fine tune all your filters and features to be exactly how you need and want it. You can even add your own branding to the Panel.