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Integrate with Google Apps G Suite, Microsoft Office365 and MS Exchange

Google GSuite

Google GSuite

Increase email security for all users of Google GSuite, when you integrate with Spambrella.
Threat Protection and Response, Targeted Attack Protection, Privacy and Encryption, Enterprise Archiving, and Compliance and Governance… all these and more can be added onto your GSuite within minutes.

Create user-level policy encryption to automatically encrypt emails based on custom rules (such as content or recipient). Easily setup data loss prevention policies and stop company data from (mistakenly or intentially) being leaked. Have more control over your spam filters and quarantine when you integrate GSuite with Spambrella. Don't allow users to be compromised by phishing emails, get them quarantined into an Administrative Access Only quarantine.
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

While Microsoft Office 365 is a great email solution, it can be limited in the protection and security it provides to your users and business. Integrating Office 365 with Spambrella helps increase the protection of your users with enterprise level filtering and security features. One much needed and often required feature for Office 365 is protection against Spear-Phising/Email-Spoofing attacks. With Spambrella you will get defence against such attacks, and fast.

Spambrella backed by Proofpoint is a great way to increase the security of your users and business. Seamlessly integrating with Office 365, and provide all the additional features we have on offer. Just to list a few:
  • Daily digest reports accessible by users.
  • Control outbound emails with custom Policies ( Data Loss Prevention ).
  • Extended email recovery period.
  • Email Archiving with up-to 10 years of retention.
  • Phishing protection with inbuilt scanning of linked webpages.
  • Email encryption.
Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange

Connecting your Microsoft Exchange to Spambrella delivers a better spam detection solution. Give your administrators more control in configuring custom policies for spam, adult spam, phishing emails, bulk mail, malware and more. Have Administrative Access Only quarantine and/or quarantines which your users can access when needed. Get reports to fine-tune your protection or escheduled reports to keep an eye on things. Spambrella powered by Proofpoint is the go-to solution when you need higher levels or security for your business, sensitive company data, users and customers.

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