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Spam, Malware, Phishing, Fraud, Geo, Attacks and more. All Filtered and Stopped.


No one likes Spam, and that is why we employ state of the art technology in Spambrella to stop Spam before it hits your inbox. Using Proofpoint, the industry's leading threat detections technology ( according to Gartner and other leading authorities), Spambrella can deliver. Proofpoint is used worldwide within Financial, Government, Military and Medical sectors: the go-to solutions to combat spam.

Anti-Spam Filter Effectiveness

Effectively detecting over 99.9% of spam each day, Spambrella can keep your inbox clean and productive. Spambrella uses Proofpoint's MLX spam detection engine along with Dynamic Reputation technology to create one of the most effective spam filtering services available.

Spam Detection Process

Each email is scanned and analysed against millions of attributes and mathematical models that represent internet spam. A typical email can trigger more then 300 matches including the senders IP address, email headers, contents and structure, formatting, message envelope, attachments and more.

Machine Learning Technology

With our enterprise-strength platform, Spambrella can process large amounts of data and classify them on the fly. With a high degree of accuracy, millions of messages are constantly being analysed to learn current spaming techniques and to predict new emerging ways to spam.

Email Attachment Malware Defense

Malicious Attachments, such as Microsoft Office documents are often used in targeted or bulk spam phishing attacks, to deliver Ransomware, Trojans, or other malware potentially infecting your computer and network. You need a solution that constantly learns of new attachment attack methods, can scale on demand and can deliver with ease. Spambrella is that solution.

The Stats

Small to medium enterprises are often seen as easier targets for profit-driven cybercriminals. Attachment-based Phishing campaigns have steadily increased in the recent years. For cybercriminals, they require 50% less expenditure compared to URL-based attacks and therefore have increased exponentially
Email Mailware Filter

Dynamic Sandbox Technology

Leveraging dynamic sandbox technology to gather intelligence, analytics and test millions of email attachments from some of the largest companies in the world along with smaller enterprises, Spambrella can detect and block malicious attachments fast. Powered by Proofpoint's cloud scalability and leading technology, attachments that are designed to evade traditional security solutions are detected and stopped.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Millions of spam phishing emails are sent each day (with URLs) to websites that trick you into releasing personal information. The email may look legitimately, from your bank, work or the online store that you frequent, but as soon as you click on any link within it, you may be compromised. User awareness and responsibility can only take you so far and that is why you need the best of the best to protect you and your business. Spambrella's anti-phishing solutions use one of the world's leading and most sought after service in cloud security.

Protection when you Recieve

Each new mail received through Spambrella is scanned for attempted Phishing Attacks. The contents, including all links, are evaluated using a variety of techniques. Any that lead to a phishing or malicious website are stopped. Using Proofpoint, and the world's largest threat database to check scanned mail against, you are protected from scammers pretending to be a legitimate business in order to steal your information.
Email Phishing Filter

Protection when you Click

Our Anti-Phishing services go that extra mile by giving you protection at all times. When an outgoing link at the time of receiving the mail may be safe, that can change later on. Our service will help protect you when you actually click the link, even if months after initially receiving the mail. When you click the link, the website is scanned and checked again to see if its malicious, protecting you when you may be unwittingly comprimised.

CEO Fraud & Anti-Spoof

CEO Fraud and Email Spoofing is costing businesses upward of $40 million per year. It can work like this: A fraudster emails a staff member in the company's finance department, pretending to be the Boss, CEO or Manager. The emails look 100% legitimate with the correct signatures, address and wording. The email requests a quick transfer/payment to a bank account to pay of a bill or debt. Doing as their boss is requesting, the staff member actions the transfer, only to find out later that it was a fraud email.

Email Spoofing Filter
How Spambrella stops these Spoof attacks
Any mail that looks suspicious in any way will instantly be quarantined. Once quarantined an alert will be sent to the Admin as set in your Spambrella preferences. They can release the mail if it is found to be legitimate or mark it up as fraud in order to stop further similar emails.
Users can create rules to allow through approved senders without any quarantine action needed.

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