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Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

Comodo Multi-Domain Certificate Description Comodo
Enjoy easy security management for your entire multi-domain setup.

Webmasters that need an SSL Multi-Domain security option but cannot settle for Domain Validation used to have very few different products to choose from. Over time, more and more Certificate Authorities have expanded upon this roster of SSL certificates, and Comodo specifically deploys exceedingly cost-effective Multi-Domain SSL certificate solutions.

This SSL certificate offers impeccable SSL/TLS coverage for your multiple domains. You're getting the ability to secure up to 500 domains with 3 secured as part of your default order. On top of that, the ability to get unlimited server licensing for all of your needs to compile aggregate data means that you save money no matter what.

Upto 90 Days added on for Free
Step 1 How many Years?
Step 2How many Domains?
Total Domains Secured
$25.67 Per Year
Step 3Add on Wildcard Domains?
Total Wildcard Domains:
$99.00 Per Year
Final StepTotal Price Summary
Total Due Today: $86.87

Your Savings: $243.13
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.
  • Validation Type: Business
  • Secures: Upto 500 Domains
  • Reissues: Unlimited
  • Warranty: $250,000
  • Mobile Devices: Supported
  • Comodo Seal
    Site Seal: Included
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days
  • Server Licenses: Unlimited
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Comodo Secure Laptop

Choose Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificates for true and trusted domain security

An investment in SSL certificates and Certificate Authority companies hasn't been optional in quite a long while now. Not only does Google specifically bolster websites with SSL/TLS in place, but websites without HTTPS are a major security risk as well. On top of that, your users will know if they're not secured, as their browsers will warn them that they're visiting a website without SSL encryption in place.

Instead of gambling with your brand, get a Comodo SSL certificate with up-to-date security protocols! This one Multi-Domain certificate will cover a sprawling enterprise-grade website in no time at all, with rapid issuance times and a battle-tested support team - should you need them.

Don't forget that you can also completely invalidate the need for multiple renewals, configurations, and certificate management instances. This specific Multi-Domain certificate from Comodo offers an impeccable baseline for every website that stretches across multiple domains at once.

So, don't dawdle: secure multiple domains with a single certificate today.

Comodo: The Right SSL Certificates for You, Too

The appeal of Comodo SSL certificates is effectively universal. With years' worth of experience and an amazing track record, this CA is an incredibly trustworthy security partner. In practice, this means that you too can leverage Comodo's validation process to bolster your own enterprise. After all, Comodo doesn't just offer any old Multi-Domain SSL with this product: they're giving you their validation as well, and that's worth a lot in improving your organic trustworthiness.

And, since Domain Validation just won't cut it for burgeoning businesses, this domain SSL product comes with a baseline Business Validation package, instead. This means that the Multi-Domain SSL you're now considering is built from the ground up to secure businesses, government agencies, schools, and other such enterprises.

If you're looking for a solid and reliable Multi-Domain SSL certificate that has additional boons (e.g. unlimited server licenses) included by default, don't skip over this Comodo product.

Domain performance improvements both obvious and not

Investing in an SSL installation goes beyond simple security boosts. Modern SSL products will, for example, apply immediately apparent trustworthiness signals. Not only will your website no longer trigger security warnings once you've got an updated certificate in place, but you will also reap numerous long-term benefits.

Specifically, your business domain will enjoy substantially bolstered SEO ratings, which will, in turn, increase the odds of your website organically popping up in people's search results. Over a longer period of time, this is bound to result in a greater number of visitors, and the more visitors you get, the more conversions you can expect.

Full Business Validation On The Cheap

Starting from the original purchase date of your individual certificate, you will get Comodo's full and comprehensive Business Validation. This means that Comodo will go through your business documentation and verify various details and information regarding your enterprise.

If your documentation is up-to-date and fully in order, then the entire process won't take longer than 1-2 business days, which is a huge improvement compared to earlier SSL certificates. At the same time, Comodo effectively delivers the lowest price on the market when working with SSLTrust, making this the deal you should be gunning for in the first place.

With Business Validation, this one SSL certificate will allow Comodo to provide all your visitors with the utmost assurance that your brand is safe and sound, and that their data will be subjected to proper encryption processes while browsing.

Excellent browser compatibility comes into play here as well. In effect, your multiple unique domains will enjoy the full range of Comodo's protective measures on virtually every modern device a visitor might be accessing them from!

Keep Costs and Complexity Low: Comodo SSL Certificate Solutions Will Help

Multi-Domain validation is crucial for websites that are built with several disparate features in mind. Whereas a Wildcard SSL certificate will be the way to go for sub-domain validation, it won't cut the mustard for enterprise-grade users that specifically need multiple unique domains hosted all at once. To that end, Comodo delivers.

With this certificate, you can secure multiple websites and even opt for additional domains down the line, should the need arise. Getting this certificate issued is quick and easy for the vast majority of contemporary enterprises. On top of that, with SSLTrust's installation instructions, you won't have any issues getting your new SSL/TLS in place, either.

So, if you see yourself needing multi-domain SAN certificates - whether right now or in the future - don't think twice about choosing Comodo. You'll save both time and money on sheer management costs alone, to say nothing of the fact that you'll be using an SSL certificate from one of the most highly-rated CAs on the market.

Choose SSLTrust as Your SSL Store for Better Prices

While there are innumerable different certificate providers on the market in this day and age, SSLTrust has made a name for itself by delivering impeccable prices with equally solid service.

Not only will SSLTrust supply you with unlimited server licenses, baseline warranty coverage, and money-back guarantees, but we also have a highly-specialized team of Australian security experts in place to provide support.

Our customer experience team is effectively second to none, and we ensure that all of our clients get quick issuance rates and an easy and streamlined verification process.

On top of all of that, SSLTrust also delivers the lowest-priced digital certificates on the Internet, meaning that you're getting an excellent value out of this deal no matter what!

Product NameComodo Multi-Domain SSL
AlgorithmSHA-2 Enabled
Validation TypeBusiness Identity Validation
Issuance Time1-2 Business Days
Domains Or * (wildcards)
Allows Additional Domains (SAN)Yes
Server LicensesUnlimited Server Licenses
Key CryptographyRSA or ECC
Minimum Key Size2048-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
SSL/TLS Encryption256-bit Encryption
Trust IndicatorsHTTPS Browser Padlock
Mobile & Smartphone SupportYes
Browser compatibility99%
Client OS CompatibilityHigh
Included Malware ScanNo
Includes Trust SealYes ( Embedded Organisation name/date/time )
SSL ReissuanceUnlimited and Free
Duplication ( Multiple Keys )Unlimited and Free
Refund Policy30 Days

Paul from SSLTrust came to my rescue after another supplier let me down due to horrendous support and a useless certificate. Paul took the time to understand my requirements and he held my hand through every step of the process. Now my application is code signed. It was a breeze and my confidence in the process is restored. Thank you.

3 months ago

Excellent and efficient customer service. We urgently required an EV codesigning certificate. SSL Trust assisted us after hours on the day we made the application (Thursday), company verification was completed the following day and the token arrived the following Wednesday. We were also provided with technical assistance with accessing the user portal and setting up the token. The experience was immeasurably more efficient than our previous experience purchasing an EV codesigning certificate from a supplier based outside of Australia.

2 months ago